Asian, French, Investment Banker, Wine Aficionado, Fitness lover.  … …

Crossing Eurasia continent formed my multi-cultural veins, and wine is simply my blood, my indispensable physical and spiritual nutrition.

Asian palate builds up my broad tasting buds. French gastronomy lifts me up to the finesse and delicateness. Pursuit of the truth behind wine labels - once a trigger, has been an eternal resource, a continuous reinforcement to my pursuit of the happiness of the life.


Romain ROGER

Born in vineyard, I was raised with creativity and sense of land, by a sip of Champagne in my milk bottle…

Wine is not a passion, but an essential component of life, just as design and art meant to me.

Have been working nearly 20 years in design as a Creative Director/Consultant across Europe & Asia-Pacific for some biggest brands and international clients, with relentless exploration to trend and new technologies, with reflection of art and human, my business and work always follow an unique model - to create a touchable art, a perfection of “simplexity”, same as what my homeland Champagne region strives for.

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